Online Casino Reviews

As there are so many different online casinos on the internet today, before joining one, many people will look at online reviews of the casinos to try and decide which would be the best for them to join. The best online casino reviews should be able to tell you any joining bonuses a casino will award you and it may that which decides you to join a particular one. Sometimes an online casino will award you some free spins on one or more of their slot machines if you join by opening an account. This is fine if you intend to play slots but if you prefer to play the tables, you would perhaps prefer being awarded credits which can be used anywhere in the casino and some online casinos will offer you that type of bonus. The most common joining bonuses awarded today, are where the casino matches the amount of your initial deposit, with additional credits, up to a certain amount anyway. These credits, just like those given you for your deposit, can be played on any of the machines or tables that you wish. Whilst reading the reviews though, you may come across a casino that offers you a no deposit bonus and these bonuses are very generous as they are awarded once you open an account, even before you have had a chance to make an initial deposit of your own, so you can immediately start playing. The reviews should also mention what games are available to play in each casino and although many casinos have similar games, some have more than others and more recently some casinos have included baccarat among their games. Although baccarat is the oldest of any casino games, for some reason, online casinos did not at first offer them to be played online but that short-sight has now been addressed by some of the casinos and they now offer that as one of their games. Baccarat can usually be found in land based casinos but because the rules of play and how to bet is not as well-known as some of the other games, it is often only the high rollers that play it. Now that baccarat is available at online casinos, it is enjoying more popularity than it is in the land based casinos and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in online casinos that have it. The game is based on two hands being dealt, a player’s hand and a dealer’s hand with the hand whose value, when the cards values are added together, equal nearest 9; wins. When the cards values are added together, if the total comes to more than 10, the first digit is not counted and so 14 becomes 4. This of course means that the value of the 10 cards and pictures, are equivalent to zero and it may be that which confuses new comers to the game. The betting is equally as simple as the game itself, if not easier as there are just 3 options; betting on the player or dealer’s hands or betting that they will tie.